So. I think it’s time to edit this page. It has been four years, after all. I’ve kept the original segment and added some red text. Those are my corrections. Enjoy.

Hello everyone! My name is Hadas and I’m a 16 20 year old from Tel Aviv, Israel.

After contemplating the idea for quite a while, I’ve decided to start a book blog – well, actually, an anything-related-to-words blog since I like to read and I like to write and I like to talk about both with others. (And with myself. In a fake British accent. But don’t tell.)

So, what do I plan on posting here? Well, reviews obviously, but also other things such as poems, quotes, and other book or word related things. I will also be keeping track via this blog of challenges I set myself, such as

  1. the 2012 Eclectic Reader’s Challenge
  2. the 2013 Eclectic Reader’s Challenge
  3. the Feminist Reads Challenge
  4. finishing all books on the BBC Meme: How Many of These 100 Books Have YOU Read?
  5. my personal goals for completing a certain amount of books per year 

Since starting this blog I have become a lot more realistic. Namely, realizing I set absudly high goals every year and never reach them. So no more of that nonsense till I’m ready for it. I’ll let you know when that is. (Apart from my yearly goal which I always miss by one book, which I feel is a good balance between reality and dreams.)

I speak both Hebrew and English and I have recently started reading in Hebrew as well, so I may write reviews about Hebrew books but we’ll see about that.

To sum it up, I’ll be posting both reading and writing related items, whether that be my reading experiences or others, or my writing experiences or others. Check it all out through the nice blue buttons at the top.

I have never really written a proper review before, so I’ll be learning as I go along and hopefully you’ll go along with me as well! Not so true four years later. This blog was not for nothing! Go check out the reviews under “That Time I Read A Book and Told You About It – Reviews”. 


  • Last Read – Orange Is the New Black: My Year In a Woman’s Prison / Piper Kerman
  • Currently Reading – yet to be decided
  • Next Book – yet to be decided

Not sure updating this is a very realistic plan. Also, way too much commitment right there with “Next Book.” We’ll see what I decide to do with this part. 


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