Hello everyone. I’ve been gone… for a really, really long time. I had one helluva crazy August that included an intense one week medical course and then a three-state-seven-flights trip to the US and back home. And then two days later school.

So here I am again.

One amazing thing that happened to me in New Hamphire was my participation in the weekly talent show in World Fellowship Center, where I read – for the first time ever in my life – my poem The Things No One Told Me in front of an actual audience. It was amazing. I was nervious and shaky and I didn’t look up from my page, which I’m sorry for, but I DID IT. I never in my life thought I’d have the courage. I was still debating dropping it about a second before my name was called.

Also, my mom read one of my stories aloud (a choice I made not out of fear, but because I thought it came across better w/o my emotional reading). The reactions were wonderful. I was praised by so many people. One person that really stood out was a lady who works with the organization ORNG Ink. She stopped me on my way out and told me my story touched her and inspired her to write again. She even wanted to meet up and write together, however I unfortunately was leaving the next morning. When she found out I was 16 she nearly had a heart attack, and then she immediately pulled over her friend and exclaimed “she’s 16!” I couldn’t stop grinning like a crazy person. She later even wrote a poem about how my story affected her. As a writer, my dream – my goal in life – is to inspire, to perpetuate creativity, to touch others. This woman’s reaction is a dream come alive, and I will forever remember it. It was one of the most intense emotional experiences I’ve ever had. 

So yeah, intense summer. I took my first major step towards public poetry performing, something I hope to get better at in the future. Next time I’ll look up, make eye contact with the audience, connect my words with my performance. For now though, this is more than enough. 

My writing has inspired a 22 year old writer. Holy shit.


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  1. Hi Hadas,
    Just wanted to say thank you for submitting your work to The Paperbook Collective this year. Good luck with everything, and if you ever want to submit again you are most welcome!

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