The Paperbook Collective IS HERE

Dunno if y’all remember, but lately I’ve been mentioning in many posts a certain magazine being released on August 1st. Well… it’s here! Jayde-Ashe @ The Paperbook Blog has completed and published the first issue of The Paperbook Collective!

For quite a while this lovely lady has been collecting submissions from people all around the globe – poetry, book reviews, photography, etc. I was lucky enough to have Jayde put something of mine in the very first edition. It’s a piece titled “Book Murder,” and due to her request for submissions that have not yet been published anywhere else I’ve had to wait until I could show you guys what I’d written. 

Well, now you can go check it out for yourself! The magazine is up online and has a downloadable PDF version you can even print for yourself and maybe for friends and family as well! Spread the word! So much work has been put into this project, and I’m so happy to be a part of it! There’s some great work from so many talented people in there! There’s also a Contributors page at the end so you can go check out the links of the people whose work you especially liked.

The PDF version can be found here.

The online version, published through ISSUU, can be found here.

Thank you so much to Jayde for letting me contribute to this. I don’t think I can thank you enough. You should all go check out the new magazine and maybe even consider submitting for the next issues!



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