Top Ten Tuesday – Authors Who Deserve More Recognition (July 16th)

GOOD MORNIN’. Or evening? Dunno. It’s actually Thursday but I’m worried I’ll be so busy and I don’t want to miss posting. So anyway, GOOD *insert time of day*.


Subject for today? Authors Who Deserve More Recognition. Alrighty’o. This might be tough since I read lotsa mainstream – hard to get really weird or non-mainstream whatsoever English books here. I’mm give this a shot.

  1. Ellen Raskin – Raskin wrote The Westing Game, one of many books I love very much. Funny thing – I’ve read this book multiple times and yet I still CAN’T remember the ending, or how the entire mystery is solved. But I remember everything else. It’s weird. Also, Raskin was a graphic artist. Didja know she designed the cover for the first edition of A Wrinkle In Time? No? Neither did I. Now we do!
  2. Eva Ibbotson – wrote yet another childhood favorite called Island of the Aunts, also known as Monster Mission. I remember loving this book so much as a child. Never read anything else by her… maybe I should.
  3. Daniel Handler – Daniel Handler is actually very famous, but by his other persona named Lemony Snicket – author of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Most have never read any of his less famous works, ones he wrote under his real name.
  4. J0hn Verdon – author of the brilliant mystery novel Think of a Number. Every single part of this book is absolutely genius. The idea, the way it plays out, the solution. He’s written two other books since, both including the main investigator from his debut novel. I’ve read the first, the second is unfortunately still on my neverending TBR list.

I’ve only been reading less well-known authors recently – since I got my Kindle – so this list is going to be a short one. I may update it in the future, but this is it for now. This was a pretty damn hard topic for me, so I hope I haven’t failed y’all too badly.

Also, my article in the very new Paperbook Blog Magazine is coming out on August 1st! I’ll link you guys when it comes out. SEND ME YO’ OWN TOP TENS.


3 responses

  1. Yay! I thought I was the only one who was rollin kind of old school on this one. I added Dodie Smith on my list. I love that fact about Ellen Raskin, that’s so cool! 🙂 And Eva Ibbotson wrote some awesome kids books back in the day (don’t know if she still writes or not).

    My TTT:

    1. I think as children we read just a bunch of random books and as we grow up we tend to get sucked into more mainstream, easily available novels so it’s harder to find stuff to fit this topic.

      I’ll leave my comments for yours on your own post. 🙂
      Don’t recall seeing you round here much so WELCOME!

  2. These are excellent choices. I agree strongly with Ellen Raskin. She is a genius!

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