Practice Makes Perfect?

Guys, I think horror books are sort of like playing guitar. You gotta read a couple before you get the hang of it.

I finished reading Red Dragon by Thomas Harris at 2am. This was my second time venturing into the feared genre of horror. The first was last year, with Stephen King’s Cell. As I’ve mentioned before, the King round ended quite badly, with me quitting the book about 100 pages in because I was simply… bored. It had started off pretty well and then very quickly became pointless.

You can imagine I was hesitant to start Red Dragon. I was excited to try horror again, but also worried it would end in another unfinished book. The novel had a great start. There was something about the writing that made it enjoyable to read. That feeling lasted through about 30% of the book. By the time I reached about halfway I’d sort of lost interest. It wasn’t that I wanted to stop reading; I just didn’t care to continue either. I pushed through and read the last 30% yesterday.

I’ve never seen horror film before. The closest I’ve gotten is NBC’s Hannibal, which is actually what got me reading Red Dragon in the first place. Reading for me is most times a better experience than watching, and so I was waiting for that creepy scare, that struggle to turn the next page for fear of what lies behind it. I never got that. Simply put – I wasn’t scared. I liked the reading, the characters were likeable enough – the book just wasn’t scary. Maybe I need to read more to get used to it. I don’t understand why I’m not scared. I was waiting for that fun horror feeling the entire time and it never came!

It’s not me, it’s you. Or is it?

I don’t know.

Is something inherently wrong with me, or have I just chanced upon the not so scary novels of the horror genre? Tell me, guys. What’s wrong? Why am I not creeped out? Why am I still sleeping at night? Why do I still forget to double-lock the door at night, and why do I not jump at the sound of footsteps outside my room at night, even though I know it’s just the cat?


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