Shalom! I was just checking up the topic for the next Top Ten Tuesday post on The Broke and the Bookish, only to discover that it is my very favorite Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations, a subject I already chose to cover in my Top Ten Tuesday Freebie post back in May. 

Since I think it’s best to avoid discussing the book-film-tv show YET AGAIN (I seem to mention this hated subject quite often), I’ve decided instead to cover an old topic I’ve never done before. However, I have no idea how I can choose out of so many – and so I leave that up to YOU. Yay! Interactive questions that actually have a physical outcome!

So, here’s a link to the list. LIST. Just scroll down past the future subjects and there’s a full ist (and even links to the Broke and Bookish blogger posts – they’re good, go read!).

So yes, lemme know. YOU HAVE TILL… just… do it soon.



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