70 is a Pell number and a generalized heptagonal number, one of only two numbers to be both.

I have no clue what any of that means but I HAVE HIT 70 FOLLOWERS OH LORD and 70 seems like a very boring number so I googled it to see if they had anything. You can always count on dear ol’ Wikipedia recommending weird-ass information to supply my always-running Department of Useless Information in this jelly hidden by my hair (and some other weird and goey stuff).

Did you know that the year 70 started on a Monday? How lovely. It was Monday just a mere 55 minutes ago. Also, the French have no word for the number 70! They use “soixante-dix” instead, which is basically just 60 + 10. In 1970 Mick Jagger was fined £200 for possession of cannabis!

Okay, I think those are enough facts for now. Of course I love you all but dear  70th fella – Four for you Mr Seventy, You GO Mr Seventy! Because Mean Girls is always relevant.

Well, I’ve done my sappy, happy, thankful post in my last BA 26 Post Challenge but I can never thank ya’ll enough. I really can’t. I wish I could mail you all hugs and chocolates but I am broke and cannot even afford a sufficient amount of chocolate to keep ma’ own self alive, let alone ALL OF YA. Seriously though, you guys keep me writing. Every person who reads my writing gives me reason to keep going. Never hesitate to commentand let me know what you think, answer my cliche bold or italicized or underlined or CAPS LOCKED or even colored (ALL TOGETHER NOW) questions I post at the end. Tell me what you’d like to see more of, see less of, what interests you all!

I’d give you all a free cat if I could. Actually, I wish you could all give ME free cats. My mother would probably hunt you all down and kill you though so maybe that’s not my best idea.

So at this point in my post I’ve confused you, deprived you of chocolate and posed a threat to your life. I think I should stop now. Plus, I’m completely off topic by now. Was there ever a topic? Who knows. I don’t. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU SEVENTY (and hopefully more to come) HAVE A SEVENTY-ONETH OF MY HEART (one for Douglas Adams), THE REMAINDER OF MY EDUCATION-SYSTEM-VICTIM BRAIN and MY VALUBALE TIME FROM USUALLY AROUND 1am – 2am.

May the force and the cats be wid’ja.


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