Saturday Summaries

Okay so I’m pretty sure I just made this meme up and it’s honestly just an excuse to write an excited post tleling you all how this week I broke my life record for reading and finished FIVE BOOKS IN ONE WEEK. For some book bloggers I’ve seen on here that’s just an ordinary acheivement and for some it’s even more on the failure side of the spectrum, but for me this is absolutely crazy. I even read one of these five in a day! I tend to take two weeks to complete a book, on average. I think this is just my brain reacting to being freed from the heavy chains fo A Casual Vacancy. I think the lesson here is that

  1. don’t try and force readin something you don’t like
  2. Kindles are awesome

So yeah. Five books. Seven days. And I even managed to do some other things as well! Also, I’m not officially on summer vacation even though I haven’t been to school for more than a week in over a month. I’ve got lots in store for you guys, especially with this new speed of mine. Also, the Kindle I’ve owned for month but only started using on Friday has opened up a new world for me. I no longer have to bookmark thousands of book reviews and Amazon pages and hope I can get more than two or three boks when I go abroad this summer. Acquiring not-exactly-mainstream novels here is sort of a task. I mean, you can find them but they do require some lookign around and usually more money than i’m willing to spend. I end up having endless books-to-buy lists and by the time I get those books I already have a billion more to read. The Kindle allows me to almost always just get the book at the very moment I desire it, and that’s such a liberating feeling. I can read less well-known novels now and discover so many new things I’d never had the oppurtunity to read or explore before! I think I’m going to write up a Kindle post sometime describing my own personal experience and thoughts, so I think this is enough about it for now.

On Friday (which was exactly 35 minutes ago) I posted a review for David Levithan’s How They Met and Other Stories which I finished just yesterday. I also have another review, this time of Michael Thomas Ford’s Suicide Notes, typed up and ready to go either today or tomorrow (this is the book I read in one day). I think I might cheat again and go back to complete my unfinished drafts of Top Ten Tuesdays I’ve missed because of my exam period. I don’t even think I need to apologize for my incessant cheating at this point. I think you’ve all noticed by now.

The awards I got on my poetry blog in the beginning of June sparked a major flow of followers and so again, I welcome all of you new folks. I’m glad to have you aboard and hope you enjoy your stay. It makes me so happy to know people actually read what I write and I am honored to have each and every one of you here.

Well, this is getting long and I am getting sleepy so I’m saying good-bye. Expect more reviews, memes, random posts, quotes and even my own personal writing – basically just more action around here agin.

So long and thanks for all the fish NICE PEOPLE READING MY BRAIN JUICES!


3 responses

  1. Five books in one day is quite an achievement!! I love nothing better than sitting down and tearing through an entire book in one day, but sadly at the moment busy life gets in the way. I might give it a go though, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Five books in a WEEK. 🙂 In a day, well, that would be quite crazy!
      You should I don’t think I’d ever done it up until Wednesday. It was definitely fun.

      1. Haha whoops I don’t know why I wrote that!! Too much time on the computer obviously. Time to read a book 🙂

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