Rule Breaking

Since I was a kid I’ve always had rules. Rules in life, in reading, in thinking. RUles in everything. It probably – no, definitely – has to do with my OCD. My very basic reading rules were as follows 

  1. No reading two books at once.
  2. No quitting books midway.
  3. No starting series from the middle.

I have broken these, but I can count the number of times on my fingers. However, I think I’m going to be breaking #1 again. I don’t want to quit A Casual Vacancy but my rule of sticking to one book at a time is making me not read because I’m really not enjoying that book. I think I’m going to start something else and then maybe go back to it. I have been reading it for two months and I’m barely halfway. I miss reading and reading should be something I enjoy. So yes, Rowling I’m sorry but you’ve failed me. Good bye.


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