Reading Troubles?

Hello everyone! I’ve gotten over 10 followers this past week so HELLO YOU NEW PEOPLE WAZZAP. I’m actually writing to share a trouble of mine with you all and see whatcha think. So, I’m currently reading A Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling that I started… May 1st. Yes. And then I got stuck. I made it more than halfway but I just never feel like reading it much. Thing is, I did originally purchase the book solely because of Rowling. I honestly didn’t even care what it was about. The writing is very good but the story is just not very interesting and the characters are all pretty awful. My exams haven’t been making this easier, and so this keeps dragging on and on and it’ll take me forever to finish. But I also don’t want to stop it in the middle, you know? Have you guys ever just… gotten stuck in the middle of a book? Did you drop it? Did you FIGHT THROUGH LIKE A WO/MAN?


3 responses

  1. Even when I don’t like the book (unless is really awful) I can’t stop reading and drop it. I wish I could but I always think, “What if the story picks up in a few more pages?” or “I can’t just give up now that I make it that far”.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yeah, that’s exactly what happens to me! And so I end up making my painfully slow way through the book and it takes forever. But I rarely do quit midway.

  2. Ha! I’m in the same boat as you. I’m actually stuck between three books right now, and there not that great.. But I’m trying to push myself to the end of the book.. Eeeks! Best of luck to ya 😉

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