Hello, fellow Earthlings! I know, I know, you’re probably wondering if this is actually my ghost because I’ve been gone for so long I’m probably dead. I really am so sorry for my absence, I am going through the toughest period of exams I’ve experienced in my 10 years as a member of… school-ness? I don’t have much time to read, and when I do find time I spend it writing or watching Taylor Mali videos on Youtube and dreaming about the fictional day in which I’ll recite my own poetry in front of him. Point is, I am busy. And living a fantasy life, but never mind that now.

I’m still reading A Casual Vacancy. I think one of the reasons it’s taking so long is because I’m not particularly liking it. Depsite my liking of creey, depressing books I still want to be able to LIKE characters, and some hope in plots is always pleasant This book, however, is full of unlikable characters and it honeslty doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and I’m about a third in (I KNOW I KNOW I STARTED IT LIKE A MONTH AGO). So, despite the great writing quality, Rowling is sorta losin’ me here. I also skipped Tuesday’s Top Ten post because I had a huge physics exam on Wednesday and I have another LIFE-AFFECTING exam on Sunday. I’m probably going to cheat yet again and post it sometime that is not when it was supposed to be – time travel anyone? – even more likely not on a Tuesday either. I hope to be back to my normalness soon. My last exam is in the middle of June, and then one week and school is FINALLY OVER FOR SOME TIME. 

Wow, this turned out WAY longer than I’d planned. So, hang on in there. I still owe you guys reviews. I hope I still remember my opinions… 


Lemme know!



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