What Are You Reading? Monday! – April 29th

This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. Every Monday we discuss our reading plans for the week!

I am currently almost halfway into 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I actually don’t really get what all the hype about this book is for. I apologize if I offend anybody with my next words, but it sort of reminds me of Pretty Little Liars. In case you’re new here or haven’t read previous posts of mine – I read the PLL series BEFORE it came out (or was even talked about) on TV. I actually enjoyed the books very much. However, this book reminds me of the same feeling I had with those. That whole deal with a living person completely… enslaved by a dead one. The dead running the living’s lives, ya know? I simply do not like any of the characters. Clay is borderline likeable, but he’s… a loser. Annoying. Hannah is horrible. I think the moral of the book – from what I’m getting so far – is a very good one, and yet Hannah Baker is simply not the sort of character who should be creating that moral. I keep feeling like… like she knew what was happening and she played along. I know I sound like a victim blamer and I know that saying “I swear I’m not!” sounds even worse. I am so happy that a book has been written to show exactly how one’s tiniest “joke” can be a very dramatic issue for someone else. I think the whole “snowball effect” is a brilliant one – each kid thought he was innocent, and really his action wasn’t then end of the world, but when you looked at the big picture it all formed together into a nightmare. And yet, I just don’t like Hannah Baker. At all. And that makes it very hard to get into the book and to really take in what Asher is trying to say.

Wow, this is turning into a review so I’ll stop now. I might just end up quoting this post in my review because I’m actually pleased with what I’ve said here.

Anyway, I started this book on Friday and plan on finishing it no later than Saturday, which gives me a week for this book.

Next, I think I’ll do something from the ’13 Ecelctic. Maybe Dystopian or New Age. To be honest, I actually have no clue what 11/12 genres on that list are… whoops.



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