It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Week Two of this lovely meme hosted by the even lovelier Book Journey!

I have an annoucement to make. Are you ready? I said ARE YOU READY?


I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED READING MY BOOK. Yes, yes, you heard correctly. After 22days and 380 pages I AM DONE. It’s my second Hebrew book this year, which, considering it’s April, is pretty great for me. Also, I’ve decided Alternative History is close enough to Historical Fiction to count as a book for my redo of the 2012 Eclectic Reader’s Challenge. It also means I have something to review! Yay! Now I’ll grace you all with a photo of said book.

What If / Yoav Avni (original Hebrew הרצל אמר / יואב אבני)

As for my next book… good question. I’m going to go with something short since school has taken over my life and will have control over me for the next two months so I’d rather not start something heavy and hard to finish. I’m contemplating between

  • 1984 / George Orwell – been meaning to read for a while
  • 84, Charing Cross Road / Helene Hanff – my mom basically shoved it into my arms after telling me it’s one of her favorite books
  • Pygmalion / George Bernard Shaw – been meaning to read this for a while
  • m or f? / lisa papademetriou & chris tebbetts – for Ecelctic 2013 LGBT

So, I’ll update my About page when I make my choice, either tonight or tomorrow.

Also, I’ll try and get up a new review ASAP! I’ll also being Top Ten Tuesday tomorrow, as usual. I might put off the review until Wednesday so that my posts aren’t all concentrated into two days out of the entire week.

What have you guys been reading? Any interesting reads? 


4 responses

  1. I really enjoyed 1984 when I read it. Hope you enjoy your upcoming reads.

    The Monster Report

    1. I actually just started 84, Charing Cross Road / Helene Hanff which is turning out to be absolutely fantastic, but I’ll definitely get around to 1984 soon! I read Animal Farm not too long ago and it was very nice. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Well, the only one of your named books that I read is 1984… I suppose I enjoyed it, though I don’t that’s the right word for the kind of book that kind of gnaws on your mind after you’ve finished.

    1. EXACTLY. I have no words to describe what some books have done for me.

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