26 Posts Book Blogging Challenge – Book Lies (April 21st… Kinda Late)

I’m beginning a new meme! (hosted by Bookish Ardour) Yes, I know. I’ve been doing a lot of these lately. I am FINALLY nearing the end of my current book and hopefully the next won’t drag on as long. So anyway, this meme – like my Monday and Tuesday ones – will keep me posting despite the whole no-reviews issue I’ve been dealing with. DON’T GIVE UP ON ME, FOLKS.

Have you ever lied about reading a book (if so, what was it)? Would you?

I don’t know if I’ve LIED about reading something, but I’ve definitely had a hard time admitting some of my reads. It was for my own good, I swear – you people should SEE the looks some folks give you when they discover you’ve read Pretty Little Liars. In my defense, I read it BEFORE she signed on to a TV show. But back to my point – I do sometimes avoid mentioning things I’ve read, but I don’t think I’ve ever downright LIED about them. I don’t mention, for example, the fact that I own a Twilight graphic novel. This relates to the general issue I have a great dislike for – conceitedness in the book community. This is an entirely other subject which might just one day become a full fledged post but for now I’ll say this – there is a general feeling sometimes that certain books are frowned upon. I’m willing to bet eveyr single one of you just had the word TWILIGHT pop up in your brain. HOORAY! I’M A MIND READER. Now seriously. I think the Twilight fandom is one of the most hated communities in the book world. I can understand why, seeing as those books kind of perpetuate all kinds of ideas and social values that women died to rid the world of, but you can also look at it this way – thanks to Twilight, many teenagers now READ BOOKS. Yes, ACTUAL BOOKS. And the fact that Twilight succeeded, what with being a considerably “large and heavy” type book, is a miracle in itself. So basically, my general avoidence of mentioning things that me back looked down upon is probably the closest I get to lying.

The only times I ever lie about book related things is about owning copies of books and about remembering scenes in them. There are only one or two books I’ve ever read that I feel so… tied to (right term?) that I fear recommending them to others because I don’t think they’ll sense such a deep LIFE ALTERING moment after reading it – not neccessarily FAVORITE books, just… life changing ones. I can’t even exactly explain my point in words, so I hope that sentence was sufficient in explaining what I mean. Basically, when someone asks me if I can lend them a copy I tell them I don’t have one when I actually do. The other lying situation is when someone starts talking about some part of a novel that I read a while back and I pretend I remember. This happens mainly with the Potter books. Despite reading each one three or four times, I don’t remember many bits – especially since I’ve seen the films once each and then blocked out heir existence from my mind. Sometimes I’m hanging out with a bunch of Potter fans and they all start making references or jokes and I don’t recall the book parts and I pretend I do. Actually, that lying instance happens with many references – I know how awkward it is to make a reference to something and have no one undersand, so lots of times I pretend I do with others, so as not to put them in that weird situation which I hate being in myself.

Well, I think I’ve sort of covered the topic. I could probably go on forever but I fear you folks will get tired of reading so I’ll leave it at that. Also, since it’s Monday I have my Monday post to write and… A NEW BOOK REVIEW! This week is going to be more active so you have what to look forward to!


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