It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

The idea for this post came from a similar post on Book Journey.

I guess I should begin by apologizing about my lack of actual reviews. I have a tendancy to start things when I least have time for them and this blog is no exception. I am finishing my first year of high school (10th grade in Israel) and we’ve just entered our TEST EVERY OTHER DAY period of the year. I have been posting quotes, opinion posts and other things along with one review in an attempt to make up for my… loser-ness. I read during the cracks in my schedule which probably explains my severe sleep deprivation, however I have not forgotten you all! I go on here every single day, read blogs and come up with new ideas!

So, without futher ado, I give you my reading plans for this week. They are short but it’s better to be realistic than to set impossible-to-achieve goals that leave you with that bitter taste of failure.

I am currently reading a Hebrew book called –

What If by Yoav Avni (originally הרצל אמר / יואב אבני)

I read slower in Hebrew so hopefully I will finish it this week. It’s unclear whether I’ll be reviewing it since it’s VERY relevant to Israelis and to people who know Israeli history!… but not very interesting to those who don’t.

If I do finish it I think I’ll start a Classic for my repeat of the Eclectic Reader’s Challenge of ’12, such as 1984 or To Kill A Mockinbird. Then again, I’ve been telling my friend I’ll read Shut Your Eyes tight for AGES – in fact, I’ve been putting it off for so long she actually got me the book for my birthday so that I’d have no excuse NOT to read it.

So again, I apologize. I do go on and see new posts and reviews everyday and I do read every comment I recieve. I’m always looking for ne ideas to make this blog interesting!

To finish off with a technical question – If I’m reading a Historical Fiction novel, except it takes place in an Alternate History but does follow proper history lines up until a certain point, does it count for the Historical Fiction category of the ERC2012?


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  1. Nice to see you here! I love to see reviews of books that are from spots outside my own little world, so I hope you will review What If when you finish it.

    Here’s my It’s Monday.

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